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Client: Quinn London Ltd
Architect: SADA Architecture 


30 Camden Street is a new development that will replace an existing community centre with a new 4-storey block of 14 new affordable dwellings and refurbish and repair an existing set of studios. As part of the works, the existing community centre will be completely removed, its existing basement infilled and a new reinforced concrete frame will be built in its place bearing on a raft slab on piles. In situ cast concrete balconies are attached to the main building using proprietary thermal break connections where necessary. Roof replacement works will be carried out to the adjacent artist’s studios along with a limited amount of structural alterations. MBP, working directly for the main contractor on a Design & Build basis, has designed and detailed the reinforced concrete frame using Finite Element modelling and additional hand and spreadsheet calculations by means of a suite of software such as CSI Etabs, Tekla TEDDS and the Concrete Centre’s RC Spreadsheets. BIM techniques have been incorporated and a fully coordinated 3D model was created using Autodesk Revit. Furthermore, the site being adjacent to a public highway, MBP have liaised successfully with all relevant authorities such as TFL and Camden Council to acquire all necessary  approvals on behalf of our client.

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