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Client: Royal Historic Palaces
Architect: Robert Myers Architects


A children's activities area, built within the walls of a garden at Hampton Court Palace.  The area was flat and it was proposed to adapt and remodel the area to form a space for recreational and educational use.  We covered three main structural areas, which included the excavation and construction of "mound" at the North end of the garden, including a crown structure on the top which are made of galvanized steel forming the curved legs and arches and a "grotto" at the base.  The construction of a five two storey tower structures around the arena and the structures that link them. The basic construction of the royal towers (Kings and Queens) was the same octagonal in plan at floor and roof level and they were then clad differently to achieve the aesthetic requirements.  The remaining three towers are connected by a walkway supported by tripods made of small circular sections.  The structures associated with the Pergola walkway along the boundary wall, which are made of a simple timber frame with plate reinforcement at the nodes.

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