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Client: Private Client 
Architect: Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects 


Crayford Road is situated in Bexley, Kent.  It occupies a roughly rectangular plot of land with Crayford Road to the north and National Rail tracks to the south.  The existing site slopes upward towards the rear National Rail embankment, followed by a steep drop towards the rail tracks which sit at a lower level.  The proposed developments ground floor is level with Crayford towards the front, and therefore cuts into the existing site.  To retain the material sheet piles are proposed around the sides and rear perimeter.  The primary structure will be built from reinforced concrete sat on a ground bearing RC shaft slab.  The thicker first floor acts as a transfer slab due to a change in column layout and a proposed cantilever over the front facade.  Secondary structure, such as the balconies and amenity deck over the car park, will be constructed from steel - utilizing proprietary thermal break connections where necessary.  The main analyses have been  carried out in CSI Etabs software, with additional hand, Robot and TEDD's Calculations. 

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