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Albion House.png

Client: Kier construction 
Architect: Formation Architects 


Albion House was built during the 1960s as part of a high rise development of the town together with Ryde House and Premier House.  The building consists of commercial units and office units and is a reinforced concrete structure comprising of hollow pot ribbed slab spanning between main frame beams and columns.  The building varies in level with the main body of the tower being 8 storeys above ground level and the front and and north wing being one storey above ground level.  The proposed scheme was to give value to the structure which is otherwise degrading. With the works to include the refurbishment of the existing concrete frame, the re-cladding of the tower building, a new extension on Church Path side, the removal of the rear staircase, cut and fill works for new services layout, new steel framed structure at roof level to support the glazing cleaning system.

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