Client: Express Lift Company
Architect: Stimpson & Walton
The tower is to test lifts and train personnel. It is 127m in height and tapers in diameter from 14.6m to 8.5m. It contains two main testing shafts. One, for high speed lifts, runs the full height, and a second, divided into three sections, accommodates hydraulic and medium speed equipment.
A stair and a service lift run to the top. The larger floor spaces near the bottom contain control equipment and additional shafts for testing safety gear.
Analysis of dynamic behaviour led to designing slots passing through the tower at the upper levels as a means of reducing vortex shedding and excessive cross wind oscillations. The outer tapering shell wall is separated from the internal shafts and floors and was slipformed in 3 weeks.
The base is 24m in diameter and founded on a gravel stratum overlying stiff clay. We collaborated with the Building Research Establishment for a number of years to monitor settlement.
The tower was opened by The Queen in November 1982.

Grade II listed in 1997